Top 5 Free online learning app in India-2021

Free online learning apps are helping parents and teachers to grow kids and kindergarten during this pandemics

The coronavirus outbreak has confined most of the world inside their homes. Colleges, schools, and educational institutions have been closed to avoid the further spread of the deadly virus. With parents busy working from home, kids are struggling hard to spend their time. Many tend to resort to computer and mobile games which are dangerous for their mental and physical growth.

Many colleges and schools have also taken dedicated measures to help kids develop skills in easier fun way. Some are offering classes via video conference. Online learning has also become an integral part of many school curriculums.

So, what is the best way to keep the little ones and grown-ups engaged during this period? Here is a list of applications and websites which can help children learn new skills while playing fun games from home during a lockdown:

1. UMANG App-Free Online learning App

UMANG app is a gift by the Government of India to school-going kids. The app offers a range of over 1 crore e-books, videos, and audio files on all subjects targeted to primary and secondary school students. With this app, students can easily access E-Pathshala by NCERT. This is quite helpful in staying abreast of their syllabus in school. The UMANG app is available for free on Android, IOS.


2. BYJU’s

This is by far the most popular and downloaded educational app for kids. BYJU’s is an intelligently developed online learning application. Presently, it is used by thousands of students all over India. It has also started offering free access to all of its programs to students till the end of April. This is a great step taken by the company to help kids catch up with studies without any hurdle during the lockdowns. Students can get all kinds of study materials in BYJU’s classes starting from grade 1 till 12th standard.

BYJU’s Learning App and Disney-BYJU’s Early Learn are available to download on the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store for free. If you already have access to the free app, simply update the existing application. This will help you to get the free access.


3. Khan Academy

Another renowned online learning application for kids is Khan Academy. The American based non-profit organisation aims to provide free and world-class education. Created by experts, they have trusted lessons that covers K-12 courses in math, grammar, history, science, and many more. You can easily avail all the services of Khan Academy in Hindi as well, all you need to do is download their application on your mobile and choose the selected language.

They also have a dedicated app for ages 5 and under named ‘Khan Academy Kids’  where sessions are quite joyful and engaging with original interactive activities, animated videos, creative lessons, books, charming characters to captivate children’s attention.

Khan Academy

4. Duolingo-Free online learning App

Kids are fast learners. They can grasp new things really fast. This app Duolingo is an amazing way to learn new languages. With his app, your child will be offered set lessons in foreign languages such as German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Japanese, Mandarin, etc.  The lessons are kept short and in an engaging, game-like manner. The app is attractive for all kinds of users.


5. ExtraMarks

One of the best and popular applications available on both Play Store and App Store for free. This application basically provides courses and curriculum for kids as well as K-12 students for CBSE, ICSE and different state boards. If your child is weak in Science or could not understand numbers properly, all you have to do is download Extramarks app on your phone. Extramarks will induce excitement in the learning process without any giving any feeling of compulsion and pressure.

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