Free English Learning App-Free Online English Learning App.

If you want to learn free English, there are many websites and learning apps on the internet that provide you free as well as paid courses to learn and grow your English.

The fastest medium to learn English are learning apps available on the Google play store and iOS app store. 

There are many English learning apps but the top 5 free English learning App are below.

Duolingo– Free English learning app

Duolingo is a Google product that is available on Android and iOS both app stores that comes under the top 5 free English learning apps. Duolingo provides one of the easiest ways to learn English. You can practice both grammar and vocals at Duolingo. The leaderboard platform of Duolingo provides that you can compete and challenge your friends and your competitors at many levels. Learning English through this application is like playing a game with your friends.

The British Council– Best English learning app

The British Council English learning app is officially being run by the British Government. The app is basically for those people who are preparing for IELTS and foreign education. This English learning app provides video lectures on pronunciations and practice test series for examination.

The British Council updates their apps as per current situations so you always get updated lessons on their learning platform.

Grammarly– Best English practice app

I am also using this English learning app to improve my grammar and writing skills. This app is highly recommended to those people who are into the teaching and writing profession. Grammarly is available on both web and applications, so anybody who wants to use it can use Grammarly chrome extension and download applications from the app store.

Memrise-Free Learning App

Memrise is one of the powerful English learning apps. Memrise supports 22 languages and English is one of them. This app provides online as well as offline support to the users so that they can learn online as well offline both


Simply Learn America English

Simply learn is an American English learning app. It mostly provides phrases based and word based learning. There are more than 1000 words and free version contains 300 words. This English learning app includes videos, audio quizzes and pronunciations. This app works online as well as offline both.

Simply Learn American English

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